Dijital and Panoramic X-ray

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Dijital and Panoramic X-ray

Dentistry today has advanced leaps and bounds over the last decade. An OPG (Full mouth X-ray) is considered to be a luxury to any private practice due to the high cost factor of the system. In line with our colleagues in the US and UK in which major and minor dental procedure warrant the use of a Panoramic X-ray machine. Its an invaluable tool in proper diagnosis and treatment planning as a lot of pathology that shows on an OPG x-ray is not visible on small X-ray .

A panographic x-ray gives a panoramic view of mouth. It provides valuable information about:

  • The position of wisdom teeth, receding bone levels, which is a sign of periodontal disease for Implant surgery
  • For jaw-joint problems
  • For sinus problems , For Orthodontic Diagnosis
  • The Process of X-ray making

The x-ray film is positioned outside mouth, and the x-ray head rotates around patient. Dental x-rays use high-speed film, so the amount of radiation exposure is very low.

Panographic x-rays are comfortable and safe.

As well been able to take a panoromic x ray of mouth in dental clinics dentists have the facility to take a peri-apical x ray, this enables to focus on a spesific area showing us finer details.



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